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Car insurance cover abroad – Hungary

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In the event of an accident you must notify the police and call a police officer, if anybody has been injured. Where there is damage to the other party's property, there may be disagreement over the claim (for example, if one of the parties does not acknowledge their fault or the parties can't agree on the circumstances of the accident), in which case it may be a good idea to call the police, although it is not compulsory.

Under EU rules and the International Green Card System, Member States mutually recognise the validity of compulsory vehicle liability insurance taken out in another Member State. The vehicle registration number also serves as proof of the liability insurance. However, when travelling to certain Member Sates it is advisable to be able to show the green card proving that you have insurance cover.

In the event of damage, the International Green Card System makes it easy to settle claims in the injured party's country of residence, even where the other party comes from a different European country.

The EU makes it possible for a Hungarian claimant to submit their claim in Hungary in Hungarian for damage sustained in another Member State by contacting the agent designated by the party liable for the damage.

However, it is important to note that liability and the extent of the damage are always determined on the basis of the rules of the Member State where the accident occurred.

Hungarian insurance cover is also valid when the vehicle is being driven by someone other than its keeper.

Trailers must also be insured. Trailers registered in Hungary have a registration number and therefore qualify as insured in other EU countries. They cannot be required to have any separate insurance.

If the accident was the other driver's fault, you have to make your claim to their insurance company. For this purpose, you will need to give the other driver's personal details, their driving licence and insurance details, and specify:

The details of the circumstances of the accident should be entered on the European Accident Statement, regardless of whether the drivers agree on what happened. An official police report, decision, certificate or charges may be useful for making the claim. As an official witness, a police officer can certify the facts and circumstances and any statements regarding liability. In the absence of a police officer, it is still a good idea to provide the contact details of any witnesses, if possible.

Instructionshu for the accident report.

European Accident Statementhu

Forms available for submitting claimshu forms and guide downloadable from the website of the Association of Hungarian Insurers (MABISZ).

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