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Driving licence renewal and exchange – Finland

Renew your driving licence

As an EU national living in Finland, if you want to renew a driving licence issued in another EU country, you can do so at the Ajovarma Oysv customer service point. You must submit your application for a driving licence permit in person.

When applying for a driving licence permit, you must provide:

  • 2 photos (however, if you have submitted photos for a driving licence since 1 January 2010, new photos are usually not required)
  • a valid driving licence
  • a medical certificate with the same criteria that apply to renewing a Finnish driving licence.

The applicant must fill in a driving licence application form at Ajovarma Oy customer service for approximately €130 (licencing fee €51, photos €20, medical certificate €60). The form includes a question as to whether the applicant already had a driving licence issued or was subject to a driving ban in another EU or EEA country.

Apply for a replacement licence before your current licence expires.

If you live in Finland and are aged 70 or above, you will be required to undergo additional tests when you renew your licence.

Replace a lost driving licence

If you lose your driving licence, contact the Ajovarma Oysv customer service to get a replacement or duplicate.

To replace a driving licence which has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you must provide the following documents:

  • 2 photos (however, if you submitted photos for a driving licence since 1 January 2010, new photos are usually not required),
  • a written description of events if the driving licence was stolen, lost or destroyed,
  • your previous driving licence, if you still have it

A request for a duplicate driving licence must be submitted in writing. You may submit the application at any Ajovarma customer service point that handles driving licences. You must pay a licence fee when submitting the application.

You may make an appointment for most service points by submitting a driving licence application through the online appointment system at the Ajovarma websitesv.

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