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Last checked : 07/07/2017

Driving licence renewal and exchange – Estonia

Renew your driving licence

As an EU national living in Estonia, if you want to renew a driving licence issued in another EU country, you can do so at a service bureau of the Estonian Road Administration, or call +372 620 1200.

This is only possible if you have been living in Estonia on a permanent basis for the least 6 months. A recent photo and a medical certificate are required and the payment of a €26 fee.

Replace a lost driving licence

If you lose your driving licence, contact the local police. They may issue a temporary document that allows you to drive for a limited period of time.

Temporary licences and certificates issued to temporarily replace lost or stolen licences will not automatically be recognised in other EU countries.

To replace a driving licence which has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you must provide the following documents:

  • a valid medical certificate
  • a personal identity document (ID card, passport etc.)
  • if driving licence was stolen, damaged or destroyed a certificate from the police or another competent authority
  • a valid digital photo and signature which can be organised at the Estonian Road Administration Bureaus.

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