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Driving licence recognition and validity – Poland

Driving licence validity in Poland

In Poland, driving licences are valid for 15 years.

Driving licences issued outside the EU - exchange and recognition

If you hold a driving licence issued outside the EU, you must exchange it within six months of the date on which your permanent or temporary residence in Poland began.

Conditions concerning the exchange of driving licences issued outside the EU:

If you hold a valid driving licence issued abroad, you can ask to obtain a Polish driving licence for the equivalent category, but you will have to pay for it (and produce proof of payment) and return your foreign licence to the body that issued it. If a driving licence issued abroad is not covered by the road traffic conventions, you will also have to pass the theory part of the national exam and present a certified translation of the foreign licence.

To exchange a driving licence from outside the EU, you must go to the district councilpl or municipal office.

If you have already exchanged a driving licence issued outside the EU for an EU driving licence in a different EU country, you may use it in Poland.

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