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Driving licence recognition and validity – Cyprus

Driving licence validity in Cyprus

Driving licences are valid for 15 years.

Driving licences for novice drivers 18 years old are valid for:

  • 15 years years - category A
  • 15 years years - category B

Driving licences for elderly drivers over 70 years old are valid for:

  • 3 years years - category A
  • 3 years years - category B

If you hold a driving licence for life (i.e. one that remains administratively valid for an unlimited period) that was issued by another EU country, you will not have to renew the licence after changing your usual place of residence.

Non-EU driving licences - exchange & recognition

You must exchange your non-EU driving licence within 6 months of moving.

To exchange your non-EU driving licence:

  1. go to the Road Transport Department,
  2. hand in the following documents:
  • driving licence,
  • Pink Slip (from the Civil Registry and Migration Department),
  • passport

If you have previously exchanged a non-EU driving licence for an EU licence in another EU country, you can use it in Cyprus. However the driving licence can be exchanged if it is included in the countries with which the Cyprus Government has a mutual recognition agreement on driving licences.

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