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Last checked: 12/02/2020

Driving licence exchange and recognition in the EU – Malta

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Driving licence validity in Malta

Driving licences are valid for 10 years.

Driving licences for novice drivers of are valid for:

  • 3 years - category A
  • 3 years - category B

Driving licences for elderly drivers over 70 years are valid for:

  • 5 years - category A
  • 5 years - category B


Non-EU driving licences - exchange & recognition

You can drive with a valid EU driving licence as long as it remains valid. During same period you have the option to exchange your licence for ease of renewal and duplicates in case of loss or theft.

All valid EU driving licences can be used in Malta.

The Authority exchanges all licences issued in the EU , such cases are treated individually.

The Authority may consider exchanging other non-EU licences if Malta has an agreement of mutual recognition from the originating country.

Check for more detailed information on how to exchange your foreign driving licence in Malta and get relevant forms, if available.

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