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Company cars – Cyprus

If you want to drive a company car registered in another EU country for more than 6 months in Cyprus, you have to register it according to the following procedure:

a) Present the vehicle to a private M.O.T. station for a new M.O.T.el (the cost for the M.O.T. is €35.25 )

b) Present the registration documents to one of the District Offices of the Road Transport Department to get a CO2 certificate which will be used for customs clearance and registration

c) Contact the Customs Authorities for payment of any excise duties involved. You may calculate the excise duties applicable to your car by using the calculator software of the Department of Customs and Excise

d) Present the vehicle to a District Office of the Road Transport Department for inspection and registration.

The documents required to register it, are the following:

  1. registration certificate
  2. documentation proving ownership
  3. CO2 certificate
  4. MOT
  5. Customs and Excise Form C72A
  6. Cypriot insurance company certificate

Please note that the registration fee for vehicles being registered in the Republic of Cyprus is €150 and the circulation licence fee differs according to the CO2 emissions of the engine.

You may contact the Department of Customs and Excise and ask for the renewal of the temporary admission scheme (Form C104 O) under which the private company car was placed when it entered Cyprus for private use. For this reason you may apply in writing to the Director of the Department of Customs and Excise explaining the reasons of your request. In exceptional cases the Director may accept your request and allow the renewal for a justifiable period of time.

Moreover, if you are a person fulfilling an assignment of a specified duration, the exemption of the excise duty is granted for the period of your stay in Cyprus for the sole purpose of fulfilling your assignment.

Private use of your company car

You can drive your company car in Cyprus temporarily for private purposes, provided that:

a) You have your normal residence in another EU Member State

b) You have been duly authorized by the company that owns the car

c) The car is for your private use

d) The registration document of the car, your passport and your driving license are submitted to the Department of Customs and Excise

Please note that the car shall not be disposed of, hired out or lent to a person who has his/her normal residence in Cyprus.

Lending your company car to a family member

When you use your company car temporarily in Cyprus, you can lend it to your spouse or dependent children as long as theyare duly authorized by the company that owns the car and their names are included on form C104 O issued by the Customs and Excise Department.

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