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Last checked: 20/02/2018

Company cars – Bulgaria

If you want to drive a company car registered in another EU country for more than 6 months in Bulgaria, you can ask for an exemption from registration.

Your company has/you have to apply for a registration certificate at a regional office of the traffic police.

In this case, you have to meet the following conditions:

In terms of the period of validity, the vehicle registration in Bulgaria may be:

  1. permanent - with no expiry date;
  2. temporary - with a set period of validity of over 3 months.

In the case of permanent registration, the registration certificate has no expiry date. Temporary registration is granted to vehicles that are subject to legal restrictions on movement or may only remain in the country for a specified period. In the case of temporary registration, the expiry date is indicated on the registration certificate and the registration number has the same format as for permanent registration.

Private use of your company car

You can drive your company car in Bulgaria for private purposes.

Lending your company car to a family member

When you use your company car temporarily in Bulgaria, you can lend it to your spouse or children.

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