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Last checked : 11/10/2018

Travel documents for minors – Luxembourg

In addition to their own valid travel document (passport or ID card), minors of Luxembourgish nationality travelling out of the country without their parents must be in possession of a declaration of the parents' approvaldefr issued by the municipality of residence which will certify the parents' signatures. They do not need any other specific document to re-enter Luxembourg.

Minors from another EU country must also have parents' approval to enter Luxembourg. If the minor is only visiting Luxembourg (i.e. on a tourist visa or for a visit of less than 90 days), no other specific document is required for them to leave. But, if the minor has been registered with a Luxembourgish Municipality (i.e. the child has stayed in Luxembourg for more than 90 days) and is leaving the country, he/she needs to deregister with the local commune.


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