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Last checked: 16/03/2018

Car insurance validity when travelling abroad – Romania

Comprehensive cover when travelling abroad

In Romania the mandatory insurance (MTPL - motor third party liability) - Green card - is valid for the period for which it was signed.

Voluntary motor insurance (CASCO) offers:

  • a damages policy valid in Romania (many companies offer coverage for damage in the countries of the European Economic Area);
  • theft insurance which is only valid in Romania.

In most cases, for an additional fee, the coverage for theft and damages can be comprehensive and cover you abroad.

Some companies offer free coverage for theft if you conclude both CASCO policy, and RCA with the same insurer. This coverage is valid for the period for which was signed.

The entity you should address is the claims representative in Romania (of the foreign insurer) or the Romanian Motor Insurers' Bureauro (BAAR). Contact details are available on the website of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Insurance cover for additional drivers when travelling abroad

Anybody can drive the insured vehicle at any time, not just the owner.

Trailers must be insured

Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) is mandatory for trailers and semi-trailers (as for other vehicles). But according to the rules in force for trailers and semi-trailers car insurance coverage is only provided if the trailers are not attached to vehicles towing them.

In most cases, the vehicle owner is the same as the trailer owner so that the same individual purchases insurance for the trailer and the towing vehicle. A particular situation is that the vehicle owner rented car's trailer or semi-trailer from another person or company. In this case, the trailer owner who concluded the insurance is the car owner.

If an accident occurs and you can prove that it occurred due to hidden defects related to the trailer, the compensation will be paid by the trailer insurer.

As a national of another EU country travelling with a trailer in Romania, you do not need to take out a separate policy for the trailer.


CASCO is the comprehensive car insurance policy covering theft, vandalism, legal costs, etc. which covers your own car. CASCO is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle and is required by law.

MTPL covers damages to third parties caused by you in a car accident.

MTPL is valid only in Romania, green card policy is valid abroad.

For vehicles registered abroad which do not have a valid Green Card document in Romania, MTPL does not conclude. The exception to this case are vehicles registered in the European Economic Area, as well as those from Switzerland, Croatia and Andorra.

For such vehicles a certificate of frontier insurance for auto liability is concluded only by insurers MTPL mandated by AFB.

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