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Last checked: 24/04/2017

Car insurance validity when travelling abroad – Malta

Comprehensive cover when travelling abroad

Your comprehensive car insurance policy (covering theft, vandalism, legal costs, etc.) is valid for a period of twelve months; unless you instruct your Insurer to extend this cover for your travel to Malta, in such case only Third Party Insurance will be in force while you are driving in Malta.

Insurance cover for additional drivers when travelling abroad

This is determined by your Insurer according to the cover already provided under your existing Policy; the Insurer might opt to restrict cover to just one (or more) predetermined driver(s).

Trailers must be insured

The standard insurance policy in Malta for vehicles does not cover a trailer; cover should be extended accordingly.
As a national of another EU country travelling with a trailer in Malta, you must liaise with your Insurer (prior to departing from your own country) in order to determine whether your cover should be extended to cover a trailer.

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