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Last checked: 24/04/2017

Car insurance validity abroad – Hungary

Insurance when travelling abroad

Comprehensive car insurance taken out in Hungary (CASCO insurance) – which covers costs in the event of theft or vandalism, legal costs etc. – is also valid for stays in other EU countries. It is important to know that CASCO insurance only covers costs incurred abroad as the result of an incident or accident that is your fault (which is not covered by third-party liability insurance, such as damage caused by another driver). CASCO only covers expenditure abroad on repairs necessary for the vehicle to be driven safely. Final repair must be done in Hungary.

If you do not have the contact details of the insurance company or its partners, you can get help from the local authorities by using the 112 common emergency telephone number.

If you move abroad and register your vehicle with the foreign authorities, your CASCO insurance is no longer valid and you are advised to take out a new policy with a local insurer where you live.

Validity of insurance where the driver is not the owner

There is no legislation in Hungary stating when an insurer has to pay under a CASCO policy. It is up to the insurance companies to decide exactly what (special) conditions to include in their contracts with customers. These commercial contracts may stipulate whether someone else is allowed to be driving the vehicle at the time of the accident and who qualifies as the owner or contracting party.

Cover for costs of towing

In some cases the cost of having the vehicle towed home can be higher than the cost of having basic repairs done to it. Hungarian insurance companies can decide which costs to cover and when and where the repair costs are reimbursed. It is a good idea to also get the contact details for your Hungarian insurer's offices and partners abroad. We would recommend making inquiries before you travel.

Hungarian insurers also offer travel insurance for vehicles; you can have cover for vehicle services added to your own travel insurance. This can be useful if you need assistance services or your vehicle needs to be repaired or transported. The contractual conditions include exceptions and obligations, which you should be familiar with. They may concern, for example, the size of the vehicle, how damage is assessed, the destination country and countries driven through, the list of partner insurers, partner service network members and companies providing assistance services, reimbursement conditions etc.

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