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Last checked: 24/04/2017

Car insurance validity when travelling abroad – Finland

Affected by Brexit?

Comprehensive cover when travelling abroad

Motor liability insurance is valid in another EU country for the period it was signed for. Regarding the voluntary vehicle insurance policies, the policy terms concerning validity may vary between insurers.

Insurance cover for additional drivers when travelling abroad

Regarding the validity and the cover of the motor liability insurance, it doesn't make any difference who is driving the vehicle. With regard to the voluntary vehicle insurance policies, the insurance cover of the vehicle depends on the policy terms and conditions of each insurance company, meaning that policy terms and the cover that they provide may vary between companies.

Trailers must be insured

The standard insurance policy in Finland for vehicles does not cover the trailer.

As a national of another EU country travelling with a trailer in Finland, you do not need to take out a separate policy for the trailer.

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