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Last checked: 24/04/2017

Car insurance validity when travelling abroad – Cyprus

Comprehensive cover when travelling abroad

Your comprehensive car insurance policy (covering theft, vandalism, legal costs, etc.) is valid for the period for which it was signed when travelling in another EU country.

You must contact your insurance company in the country where the vehicle is registered and check the exact terms of the insurance cover provided. Each insurance company follows its own terms and conditions as far as the validity of Comprehensive cover abroad is concerned.

Insurance cover for additional drivers when travelling abroad

Anybody can drive the insured vehicle at any time, not just the owner.

For somebody other than the owner to drive the vehicle, you must first apply to the insurer for exceptional authorisation for this additional driver.

Only authorised drivers can drive your car. Contact your insurance company before you travel to enquire on the exact terms of the comprehensive insurance cover provided abroad.


Trailers must be insured

Trailers fall under the definition of vehicles and must have motor insurance cover like any other vehicle. The standard motor insurance policy in Cyprus does not include cover for a trailer unless this has been declared to the insurance company and included in your motor policy cover.

As a national of another EU country travelling with a trailer in Cyprus, which bears EU registration number plates you may need to take out a separate policy for the trailer if your policy does not include cover for the trailer.

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