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Last checked: 24/04/2017

Car insurance validity when travelling abroad – Bulgaria

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Comprehensive cover when travelling abroad

Your car insurance policy (covering theft, vandalism, legal expenses, etc.) is valid for the period stipulated therein for travel in another EU country.

Third-party insurance cover when travelling abroad

Anyone, not just the owner, can drive the insured vehicle at any time as long as there is a legal basis for this.

The persons insured are the owner of the motor vehicle for which a valid insurance contract has been concluded, and any person who legally uses the vehicle.

This applies to family members who live in the same household.

Trailers must be insured.

The standard 'civil liability' insurance policy for vehicles in Bulgaria does not cover trailers, except for category O1 - with a gross weight of up to 750 kg.

As a citizen of another EU country driving in Bulgaria with a trailer in tow, you must hold an additional policy for the trailer unless it belongs to category O1 with a gross weight of up to 750 kg.

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