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Driving licence loss, theft, replacement when on holiday – Iceland

If you lose your driving licence, contact the Icelandic local District Magistrateis , the local policeis or The Icelandic Automobile Association.

A foreign driving licence is valid in Iceland for those who stay on temporary basis. The principle is, however, that if a person has a permanent residence in Iceland (normally legal domicile) he or she must hold an Icelandic drivier's licence. Exceptions to the rule are as follows:

Driving licences issued in the countries that are party to the EEA Agreement gives the holder the same rights he or she has under the licence of the issuing country. The rights are based on the validity of the licence, but only up to the age of seventy.

If, as an EU citizen, you lose your driving licence on holiday, you can obtain a provisional document/certificate to continue your journey. A provisional document is issued on a temporary basis and usually it is not valid for more than one month.

A magistrate may issue a provisional driving licence/certificate for those who have an Icelandic driving licence. The same applies to those who reside in Iceland and hold a driving licence from the Faroe Islands and countries that are party to the EEA Agreement.

Provisional documents/certificates are valid for 1 month.

Provisional documents/certificates replacing a lost driving licence issued by another EU country are recognised in Iceland.

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