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Driving licence loss, theft, replacement when on holiday – Hungary

If you lose your driving licence, you should contact the police on the general emergency number 112, and dial the free government helpline number 1818 to find out which authorities to contact for information on how to obtain a replacement.

If, as an EU citizen, you lose your driving licence while on holiday in Hungary, you may still be able to continue your journey provided that you report the loss, theft or destruction of the licence and obtain a certificate from the original issuing authority. The certificate concerned can be obtained by contacting the issuing authority directly or via the consulate of the country of origin in Hungary.

A previous driving licence issued by a Hungarian authority or a new or temporary document can be applied for at the Budapest or county government district office information centres [kormányablak] or at the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services [Közigazgatási és Elektronikus Közszolgáltatások Központi Hivatala]. In order to apply, you must present a police report, no more than 30 days old, confirming the loss, theft or destruction of your document, together with an identity document and - if you have requested one - the temporary certificate from the issuing authority authorising you to drive.

As a citizen of another EU Member State, you will also be asked for official documents confirming your address or place of residence.

The temporary document issued is valid for 30 days. Certificates of entitlement to drive issued in Hungary by foreign authorities are similarly valid for 30 days.

The authorities in Hungary will accept temporary driving documents issued by other EU Member States to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed driving licence during their validity period. This could be important if, for example, you are touring or passing through Hungary on your homeward journey.


Further information can be obtained from the following information offices or via the following links:

The government information officeshu deal with driving licence replacement requests as part of their services.

Search here (English version) for your nearest document office or government information office.

Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services helpdesk counter:

Visegrád utca 110, 1133 Budapest.

Email: 1818@1818.hu

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