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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Taking animals or plants with you

  • Is my guinea pig covered by the EU pet passport?

    NO - It isn't. The EU pet passport is only for dogs, cats and ferrets. If you've other pets, national legislation will apply.

  • Do I need a permit to travel with a chimaera birdwing (butterfly) between EU countries?

    YES - The movement of endangered animal species - including the chimaera birdwing - is strictly controlled. If you want to travel with this species, you need a certificate.

    To find out if you need a permit for what you want to bring back, check the EU wildlife trade database or contact the CITES authority in your country.

  • I intend to bring my dog to Ireland where I plan to take up residence.  What happens if it does not meet the requirements to enter Ireland?

    Your dog may be returned to its country of origin, or quarantined (at your expense) for the length of time necessary to meet the health requirements up to a maximum of 21 days or, as a last resort, your dog may be put down.

  • I am visually impaired and want to travel from Paris to London by air.  Can I bring my guide-dog?

    YES - The air carrier must transport a recognised assistance dog in the cabin of the aircraft.

  • Are there restrictions on importing certain protected animals or plants into the EU?

    YES - Certain endangered species and parts of them are protected by the Convention of Washington (CITES).  There are strict rules on importing them into the EU.


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