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Updated : 26/04/2017

Municipal elections – Italy

In order to vote in municipal and constituency elections, foreign EU citizens residing in Italy must register on the electoral roll where they are living.

Registration must be completed within five days of the elections being called.

You must declare:

  • your nationality
  • your place of residence and address in your country of origin
  • your request to be entered in the resident population register

Voting in municipal elections is not compulsory.

If you want to stand for election in municipal elections, you will need to present the following documents, in addition to the documents required of Italian citizens:

  • a declaration stating your nationality, current residence and address in your country of origin
  • a certificate from the competent authority in your country of origin issued in the last three months, showing that you have not been deprived of your right to stand as a candidate.
  • If you are not already registered on the electoral roll where your are living, confirmation from the municipality showing that the registration request has been submitted (see above)

Foreign EU citizens cannot become mayor or deputy mayor.

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