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Last checked: 26/11/2018

Home country elections – Czechia

Affected by Brexit?

Czech citizens may vote at representations of the Czech Republic abroad in elections for the President of the Czech Republic and for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament. Voters abroad may vote in 2 ways, depending to a certain degree on the nature of their stay, whether long-term or short-term.

In the case of a short-term stay abroad, it is more appropriate to vote at the representation using a voting card, which is issued to the voter by the local authority in the place where the voter is permanently resident.

During a long-term stay abroad, a voter may ask to be entered in the special electoral roll maintained by the representation of the Czech Republic in the place of residence. After being entered in the roll, the voter will vote at the polling station usually set up at the representation. If the voter will not be present at the time of the elections within the representation's jurisdiction, he can ask the representation to issue him with a voting card which will then authorise him to vote in any special electoral ward abroad and, of course, also in any electoral ward within the territory of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic's voting rules do not, for the time being, allow postal voting.

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