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Updated : 26/04/2017

European Parliament elections – Sweden

To vote in the European elections, you must be   

  • a Swedish citizen registered in Sweden (now or at some point in the past) or
  • an EU citizen registered in Sweden 30 days before the elections. You must also inform the county authority (länstyrelse) that you wish to vote in Sweden rather than in the country of which you are a citizen. Find your county authority.

In addition, you must have reached the age of 18 by the day of the elections at the latest.

For more infomation about EU citizens' voting rights, see the Electoral Authority's website.

EU citizens can stand for election to the European Parliament provided that they are not standing as candidates in any other EU country and that they certify that they have not forfeited the right to stand for election in their home country. This statement must be submitted to the Electoral Authority (Valmyndigheten). .

The Electoral Authority bases its decisions on the information available in the civil registry (folkbokföringsregistret) on the day of the elections.

Voting is voluntary, and there are therefore no penalties for not doing doing so.

For more information, see the Electoral Authority's website

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