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Updated : 01/08/2017

European Parliament elections – Poland

EU citizens entitled to vote in Poland can be placed on the electoral roll at their own request in the municipality where they are permanently residing.

The rights to exercise voting rights in Poland for EU citizens placed on the electoral roll in the municipality at their own request include:

  • the right to elect Members of the European Parliament
  • the right to vote in municipal council elections
  • the right to vote in the elections of the mayor (wójt, burmistrz, prezydent miasta)
  • the right to participate in a municipal referendum

EU citizens who have not previously been placed on the electoral roll should apply to the municipal authority responsible for the place where they are domiciled.

A copy of their passport or other form of ID and a written declaration (indicating the number and date of the residence card issued by the provincial governor and the address and the constituency where the EU citizen is on the electoral roll in their country of origin) should be attached to the application.

The declaration should state that the applicant wishes to exercise their electoral rights in Poland and has not been deprived of electoral rights in their country of origin.

Application and declaration forms are available from the municipal authority's population registration department. There is no fiscal charge for submitting a request.

EU citizens who are aged 18 or over on the day of the election and are permanently resident in Poland have the right to vote in elections to the European Parliament.

Persons who have been deprived of their civil rights, deprived of their electoral rights or declared legally incapacitated by a final court judgment do not have the right to vote.

Persons who have the right to vote in these elections, are aged 21 or over on the day of the election and have been permanently resident in Poland or in another EU country for at least 5 years may stand as candidates.

Persons who have been sentenced by final judgment to imprisonment for an intentional offence subject to public prosecution or for an intentional fiscal offence and persons who have been deprived of the right to stand for election in the EU Member State of which they are citizens do not have the right to stand for election.

EU citizens who are not Polish citizens should contact the municipal or city authority responsible for their place of residence in order to make it known where they intend to vote.

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