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Updated : 26/04/2017

European Parliament elections – Ireland

Foreign EU citizens need to register to vote in European Parliament elections.

Every Irish citizen and every citizen of another EU country who is resident in Ireland, is aged 18 years or over and whose name appears on the register of electors is entitled to vote. A register of electors is compiled each year by the county or city council.

To inform the authorities where they will vote for European Parliament elections, foreign EU citizens should contact the relevant local authority (city, county or city & county council) in Ireland.

EU citizens aged 21 years or over may stand for election.

Foreign EU citizens standing as a candidate in European Parliament elections must declare that:

  • they are not standing in any other country, and
  • that they are not disqualified from standing.

If the candidate is not an Irish or British citizen, the nomination paper must be accompanied by a statutory declaration (form available from the returning officer) which includes a declaration that the candidate has not been deprived through an individual criminal or civil law decision, of the right to stand as a candidate at the European Parliament election in their home country. The information in the statutory declaration is sent to the person's home country for confirmation and to guard against dual candidacy.

Voting in European Parliament elections isn't compulsory.

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