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Updated : 13/09/2017

Registering your residence abroad – Poland

You need to register your residence. You must do so no later than the day after the end of the period of three months from your arrival.

In order to register your residence, you should visit the offices of the Provincial Authorityresponsible for your place of residence.

Persons not in employment (such as pensioners and self-sufficient persons) must present the following documents to prove they have sufficient means to support themselves: for example, a credit card or a certificate confirming that they have funds in a bank or other financial institution, stamped and signed by an authorised employee of the bank or institution concerned and issued no earlier than one month before the residence registration application is submitted.

You do not have to carry the residence registration certificate with you at all times. Failure to register your residence is punishable by a fine.

Provincial Authorities:

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