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Patents – Finland

The procedure to follow for national validation of a European patent consists of the following steps:

1. A European patent is granted when the European Patent Office (EPO) has announced it in the European Patent Bulletin.

2. In order to formalize the European patent in Finland, the patent holder has to pay a publication fee to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office

3. The patent holder should also submit a translation of patent demands and the Finnish name of the invention. The description doesn't need to be translated, if it is in English in the EP patent as granted. If the description is in German or in French, it (including the drawings) must be translated into English or Finnish. If the patent holder's own language is Swedish, the above translations can be in Swedish. A business's own language is Swedish, if its meeting minutes are kept in Swedish.

4. Payment and translations should be sent within 3 months from EPO's announcement.

5. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office announces the publication of the patent in The Trademark Gazette.

Information on fees for validating a European patent (EP) in Finland

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