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Last checked: 27/05/2020

Patents – Bulgaria

The procedure to follow for national validation of a European patent consists of the following steps:

  1. Within 3 months from the date of publication of the mention for the grant of European patent in the European Patent Bulletin, the owner shаll file with the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria, a request for validation in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria together with a Bulgarian translation of the description and the claims, including title of the invention and any drawings in 3 copies.
  2. The publication fee shall be paid on the date of filing the request for validation.
  3. European patent annuities shall be paid to the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria for each patent year following the year in which the European Patent Office publishes the mention of the grant of the European patent.
  4. Owners with no permanent address or main place of business in the Republic of Bulgaria shall be required to act in proceedings before the Patent Office through a local industrial property representative.
  5. The term of validity of the European patent shall be 20 years from the date of filing of the application with the European Patent Office.

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