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Geographical indications – Belgium

Belgium protects the geographical indication for agricultural products, food products and guaranteed traditional specialities. A designation of origin, geographical indication or traditional speciality guaranteed provides exclusive rights of use to producers of the concerned product. To receive this protection, you must register the designation. A specifications sheet in which you explain the conditions under which the protected designation may be used (geographic area, required production method, elements of proof regarding the quality of the product related to the geographical environment, etc.) must be filed.

The request may be filed by a national group of producers or processors of the concerned product (often agricultural organisations). These indications are not open to individual use; they are meant for the collective interest. All those who meet the objective conditions of the specifications sheet will receive the right to use the protected indication.

The registration procedure is carried out in two phases. First, the regions decide whether to accept a determined indication. In the second phase, the request is transmitted to the European Commission, which performs a supplementary review and makes a final decision on recognising the request designation. After the first phase, the Walloon Region recognises provisional protection.

Specific arrangements are provided for wines and spirits.

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