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Financing supported by EU

Amount of finance
Sources of finance: 
Type of finance: 
Equity/ Venture capital
Investment focus: 
Research, development, innovation
Start-up, early stage
ICT sector
Company category: 
Start-up/ self-employed
Micro (< 10 employees)
SME (10-249 employees)
Small mid-cap (250-499 employees)

Additional information

How it works

The decision to provide EU financing and the exact financing conditions will be made by the local financial institution.

Your right for credit feedback

You have a right to get feedback from credit institutions on their credit decision. This can help you understand your financial position and improve your chances to obtain financing in the future.

Use your right and refer to Article 431 of the EU Capital Requirements Regulation 2013.

Further advice free of charge

You can also contact one of our 600 Enterprise Europe Network offices where experts can help you find international business partners, give advice on EU law and guidance on how to access EU funding.

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