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Privacy Statement

1. What is Your Europe Advice?

Your Europe Advice (YEA) is a Europe-wide service operated by European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) on the basis of a contract with the European Commission. ECAS employs legal experts who offer citizens tailored information and advice on their rights under EU law. Where appropriate, the citizens are referred to the authority or other body (at local, national or European level) that should be able to solve their particular problems. Your Europe Advice uses an IT application and database to register enquiries.


Your Europe Advice works together with SOLVIT and the Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC) in order to provide a seamless service to applicants. An enquiry, including personal data, may be transferred from Your Europe Advice to SOLVIT or EDCC when it is considered that they can provide a more appropriate service.


2. Which laws govern data protection by YEA?


3. Which data do we process when you submit an enquiry to YEA?

Your full name, age scale, full address, e-mail address, telephone number, nationality, country of origin, preferred language, and any other personal data contained in your enquiry.


4. Who can access your data and for what purposes?

  1. The legal experts and specifically designated staff working for the European Commission's contractor, European Citizens Action Service (ECAS)  – but only what is necessary to reply to your enquiry.
  2. European Commission staff, to:
    • check the quality of the replies given by the legal experts
    • produce reports and statistics
    • resolve technical issues affecting the YEA application.
  3. Other EU help services – if YEA transfers your case (only with your agreement) and data to another, more suitable service (SOLVIT or Europe Direct Contact Centre).
  4. In case your enquiry is transferred to SOLVIT, the provisions of the SOLVIT privacy statement apply.
  5. In case your enquiry is transferred to Europe Direct, the provisions of the Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC) privacy statement apply.


5. How long will your data be stored?

Your data will be erased 3 years after your enquiry has been answered.


6. Can you refuse access to your data?

To respond to your question, Your Europe Advice needs the specific details of your enquiry, including personal data such as contact details.


7. Security measures to prevent unauthorised access

Access to the personal data in the application is given only to the parties referred to in "Who can access your data and for what purposes?".


External communication with the database is also protected by https, a dedicated, secure internet protocol.


There are different levels of access to the Your Europe Advice application, each secured by a unique and personal user ID and a password.


8. Do you have access to your personal data

You will have no direct access to your data in the YEA application. If you want to know which of your data are being or have been processed, or wish to get such data modified or deleted, please contact


9. Data controller contact information

Head of Unit

Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Unit R.4 – Single Market Service Centre

European Commission

B-1049 Bruxelles / Brussel



Please note that this e-mail address cannot be used for submitting enquiries.