Know #yourEUright

Did you know that it’s #yourEUright to demand that a seller fixes or replaces a defective product? In some cases, you can have a discount or cancel the sale and get your money back. There is an EU-wide minimum 2-year guarantee. The sooner you take action, the better.

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Read up on some examples of how other EU consumers took measures to tackle their disputes, using both on and offline resources. There’s a wide range of issues related to the seven rights on this website.


2-Year Guarantee – An overview

Sometimes things stop working, even when they shouldn’t. But it’s #yourEUright to expect a product that lives up to what it’s supposed to do. This website points you to actions to get a faulty product fixed, or to get a new one.

Although you have a minimum 2-year guarantee, it may get harder to defend that right as time goes by. After six months have passed since you bought something, it's up to you to prove that the defect existed since the beginning and didn't occur because of how you used it. If you cannot solve the problem amicably with the seller, consumer organisations in your country can help. The European Consumer Centres Network can assist you in a cross-border issue.

Note that in some countries you have more rights, such as two-year period in France and Portugal during which the seller must prove the product was not faulty, or a longer overall legal guarantee period in some other countries.

More about my rights

Knowledge is power. Knowing your rights and the tools you have to enforce them can help make you a satisfied consumer. It’s #yourEUright to shop with confidence. Find out what you can do alone or with EU assistance to enforce #yourEUright across the European Union.

Your rights include the right to return a purchase within two weeks, the right to get something fixed or replaced, the right to truthful advertising, the right to fair contracts, the right to protection from unsafe products, the right to fair package travel, and the right to clear info on bank fees or switching accounts.