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Want consumer empowerment? It’s #yourEUright

With a range of options, this website shows how you can use #yourEUright against faulty products or unfair business practices by retailers, manufacturers, service providers, tour operators and banks. The tools range from informal online measures to offline dispute resolution. On this website you can learn from the experiences of other consumers, and how they solved their disputes using one or more of these tools.

Shop smarter, wiser, more aware


As laws, rules and regulations change to keep up with the leaps and bounds of technology, it’s good to know your rights. No matter where you shop in the EU you can buy with confidence, with a strong set of consumer rights. This website aims to show that if you have a dispute with a company, there are ways to defend those rights. It also helps you before you buy – with online info on what to watch out for.


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Consumer organisations defending #yourEUright

Consumer groups are active in informing and assisting EU consumers like you. The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) defends the interests of all Europeans and represents 45 independent national consumer organisations from 32 European countries. They bring consumers’ viewpoints from across Europe to the EU policy-making arena. Its member organisations raise awareness of your rights and can help you when you are wronged.

Here’s a link with BEUC member contact points across the EU for further information: