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Exploring the tax world with TAXEDU

Who said that tax is not a topic for children? The switching live of the TAXEDU web-portal means that all European children, teenagers and young adults now have the option to explore, in their own language, the world of tax. Through TAXEDU, which includes games, e-learning material – and more importantly fun – they can learn about the numerous benefits that tax has for society.



TAXEDU…what is it?
The name of this portal – TAXEDU – is derived from the words ‘Tax’ and ‘Education’. It is a European Union pilot project and the aim is to educate young European citizens about tax and how it affects their lives.


For whom?
The portal targets three age groups with tailored information:
9-12 years: an explanation of what taxes are. Children might be surprised to learn certain facts about taxes in place now and historically around Europe!
13-17 years: a detailed description of what taxes are and useful information according in line with teenagers’ interests (downloading music, buying online, etc.).
18 25 years: information relevant to this particular phase in life, as young people make the transition to adulthood.


What does the TAXEDU web-portal offer?
Information is conveyed through games, e-learning material and microlearning clips so that European youngsters can learn about tax in its different forms, and the issues associated with it (tax fraud, tax evasion, etc.) in a fun and engaging way. Youngsters can even play at ruling a country for one day by taking the Taxlandia challenge!

The teachers’ corner offers resources, tips and tricks on teaching about tax and its benefits at school. 


Behind the scenes
The development of TAXEDU was led by the European Parliament and the European Commission (Directorate General for Taxation and Customs), while national tax administrations have also contributed. Most importantly, young Europeans were consulted during the creation of this site, and provided feedback on its learning content.