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Новини и събития

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How taxes help rightly inform the public on COVID-19

Taxes are being used to help government’s fund public information campaigns aimed at keeping citizens safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Join the thousands of followers on TAXEDU’s social media accounts

Keeping up to date with all the latest TAXEDU news and developments has never been easier thanks to Facebook and Instagram.

Latvia in the spotlight

Educating the next generation of taxpayers is one of the goals of Latvia’s state revenue service.

A closer look at Poland’s tax education activities

Poland is making great strides in building a tax culture among young people.

Some small steps to promote the TAXEDU platform in the COVID-19 era

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Millions of people are now working remotely as countries implement physical distancing measures.

Let’s brush up on the Forum’s features

One of the sites of the TAXEDU portal, the Forum, is currently underused.

Award-winning Spanish students learn about taxes the fun way

For the past 10 years, Spain’s Tax Agency has presented annual awards to dozens of students who have gained the highest marks in creative writing, drawing and art competitions on the theme of tax and ethics.

Taxes are protecting the health of European citizens

Taxes help to ensure Europe has effective, accessible and resilient health systems in the digital era.

Taxes help to bring health services into the digital age

Providing European citizens with access to safe and high-quality digital services in health and care is just one of the ways collected taxes are being used. 

Can tax help protect the environment?

This thematic pack focuses on environmental taxes and how they can help preserve the environment, discourage behaviour that can negatively affect it and contribute to a healthier planet and citizens.