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TITLE Safe Amounts of Gluten for Patients with Wheat Allergy or Coeliac Disease   Gluten article.pdf (183.1 KB)
Document ID LIB550
Document type Scientific peer reviewed article
Issue date 01/03/2006
Document reference NA
Original language of the document English
Document produced by ILSI Europe a.i.s.b.l. organisation visiting card
Document financed by ILSI Europe Food Allergy Task Force
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Consumer protection
  • Food safety


Short description  Wheat allergy and coeliac disease are more prevalent than previously thought, and are a significant burden to public health. For both diseases the dietary avoidance of wheat, rye and barley proteins is the only effective treatment. Estimation of a tolerated amount of gluten for susceptible individuals would support effective management of their disease. Maximum permissible gluten content for “gluten-free” foods could be calculated from the identified maximum tolerated daily dose, permitting establishment of a pertinent international standard for “gluten-free” food that provides dietary variety and optimal protection for at risk wheat allergy sufferers as well as coeliac patients. Promising progress in ELISA methodology and gliadin reference materials will provide tools for manufacturers and regulatory bodies to effectively verify compliance of such “gluten-free” foods.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  NA
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