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TITLE The Objective of Sustainable Development: Are we coming closer?   fores_wp_0210.pdf (109.3 KB)
Document ID LIB17
Document type Scientific position paper
Issue date 29/03/2005
Original language of the document English
Author(s) Rene Von Schomberg
Document uploaded by Rene Von Schomberg
EC-Research and Innovation DG
Policy domains


Short description  This paper explores, from a foresight perspective, new ways of innovating our political infrastructure(e.g mecahanisms which go beyond market and state regulation) in order to achieve the objective of Sustainable Development(public debate), (technology assessment), (technology foresight), (research agenda), (decision making), (Precautionary principle), ((sustainability), (ecological footprint)
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  From the Pursuit of Happiness to the Pursuit of Sustainability

In this foresight working paper, I outline the advantages and limits of the two conventional regulatory societal conflict resolution mechanisms, e.g. market-regulation and national governmental regulatory capacities with a view on how to achieve sustainable development. After clarifying how we should understand the objective of sus ...

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