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TITLE Doping in unorganised sports   201003E.pdf (482.6 KB)
Document ID LIB646
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 13/04/2010
Document reference ISBN: 978-90-5549-801-7
Original language of the document Dutch
Full text available in EN (482.6 KB)
Document produced by Health Council of the Netherlands organisation visiting card
Document uploaded by Mitra Javanmardi
Health Council of the Netherlands
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Health


Short description  The prevalence of doping among gym visitors in the Netherlands are presented and also of different population groups. The substances, the risks of use and the extent of use are outlined per substance. Internet was found to play an important role as a place for purchasing doping substances. Gyms and fitness centres are still the main place to make contact with dealers.
Regarding the short-term effects it is noted that doping causes health damage. With regard to long-term effects many conditions also have been described. The Council sees a number of possibilities for supplementing/improving current doping policies.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Request for Advice
In recent years, reports from the former Netherlands Centre for Doping Issues (NeCeDo) and the subsequently founded Doping Authority showed that doping in sports is likely a growing problem in our country. Use of doping in sports is largely associated with professional sports. However, in addition to organised sports (at both professional and amateur levels), doping is supposed ...

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