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Advisory report of the Superior Health Council of Belgium on the use of portable digital music players (MP3) and the risk of hearing loss
  8187_dutch.pdf (152.4 KB)
Title in the original language
Advies van de HGR betreffende het gebruik van draagbare digitale muziekspelers (MP3) en het risico van gehoorbeschadiging
 8187_dutch.pdf (152.4 KB)
Document ID LIB527
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 07/09/2007
Document reference SHC 8187
Original language of the document Dutch
Document produced by Superior Health Council of Belgium organisation visiting card
Document uploaded by Michele Rignanese
Superior Health Council of Belgium
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Health


Short description  This report addresses public health issues related to the use of MP3 digital music players and the risk of hearing loss.
Short description in the original language  The report "Avis du CSH relatif à l’usage des diffuseurs portables de musique digitale (MP3) et au risque de dommages auditifs" (CSH 8187) is also available in French at
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  During its meetings of 1 September, 27 October and 1 December 2006, a SHC ad hoc working group looked into a series of questions put by the Minister competent for public health matters that concerned the issue of the use of MP3 digital music players and the risk of hearing loss.

The answers that were given to the questions submitted can be summarised as follows:

There is sufficient evidence ...

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