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TITLE Suicide - Psychological autopsy, a research tool for prevention   suicide-synthese-anglais.pdf (184.9 KB)
Title in the original language Suicide – Autopsie psychologique, outil de recherche en prévention   (missing)
Document ID LIB267
Document type Scientific experts report/advice
Issue date 17/03/2005
Document reference ISBN 2-85598-843-8
Original language of the document French
Full text available in EN (184.9 KB)
Document produced by National Health and Medical Research Institute organisation visiting card
Department/Service/Committee: Inserm Collective Expertise Centre
Document requested by World Health Organization (OMS)
Document uploaded by VERONIQUE LEGRAND
National Health and Medical Research Institute
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Health
  • Science and Research


Short description  Suicide, a major public health problem, affects all age categories and both sexes, all countries but in varying degrees, with geographical discrepancies in France. Analyzing mortality data requires to take account the medical causes of death reported on death certificates. Should suicide not be explicitly mentioned, the prevalence of death by suicide may be underestimated.
Predictability of suicidal action is very uncertain and to draw a portrait of the suicidal subject is impossible. Nonetheless various risk factors have been identified by using the psychological autopsy. The principle is based on the collection of data to reconstitute psychological, social and medical circumstances of death.

Short description in the original language  La France demeure l’un des pays industrialisés les plus touchés par le suicide. L’autopsie psychologique s’est peu à peu imposée comme un outil de recherche, multidisciplinaire, destiné à reconstituer le parcours psychologique, social et médical d’une personne suicidée, pour accumuler des données généralisables à une population définie.
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