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TITLE Asbestos: Risks of environmental and occupational exposure   201010E.pdf (681.4 KB)
Document ID LIB653
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 23/11/2010
Document reference ISBN: 978-90-5549-810-9
Original language of the document Dutch
Full text available in EN (681.4 KB)
Document produced by Health Council of the Netherlands organisation visiting card
Document uploaded by Mitra Javanmardi
Health Council of the Netherlands
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Health


Short description  In the report, a Committee of the Health Council of the Netherlands puts forward new values for chrysotile and amphibole asbestos, corresponding to the risk levels defined in the context of environmental and occupational health policy. The values have been calculated on the basis of a new meta-analysis commissioned by the Committee, for which a selection of epidemiologic studies was made using predefined inclusion criteria. While it has not been possible to exclude all uncertainty from the calculated values, the state-of-the-art analysis undertaken has reduced the element of uncertainty to the minimum.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Background
Exposure to asbestos can cause cancer in various organs. The conditions most commonly associated with asbestos exposure are cancer of the pleura and peritoneum (known as mesothelioma) and lung cancer. Because these types of cancer often do not develop until years after exposure, environmental and occupational exposure to asbestos in the past continues to cause mortality.
In the Nethe ...

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