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TITLE Changing Media- Changing Europe   Media.pdf (220.3 KB)
Document ID LIB246
Document type Scientific experts report/advice
Issue date 01/08/2000
Original language of the document English
Document produced by European Science Foundation
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Communication


Short description  A study of the changing media in Europe, therefore, is indeed a study of changing
Europe. Research on media is closely linked to questions of economic and technological
growth and expansion, to questions of public policy and the state, and more broadly to social, economic and cultural issues.

Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  During the last twenty-five years, a number of research projects in communication
and media have been selected for special funding by European universities and research councils. These projects often have a basis in national priorities, but also include cross-European cooperation, and some have generated empirical data on different aspects of media in Europe.
However, our knowledge of how the medi ...

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