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TITLE ESF statement on the Green paper on Europe‘s Space Policy   ESPB22.pdf (93.1 KB)
Document ID LIB229
Document type Policy document
Issue date 01/07/2003
Original language of the document English
Document produced by European Science Foundation
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Science and Research


Short description  The European Space Science Committee of the ESF (ESSC) formulated recommendations
regarding the definition of an EC-ESA Joint Strategy for Space at an early stage (Refs. [1]-[5]).
In summary, the ESSC recommended that:
- a global strategy and synergistic approach be implemented, that takes into account a defined role for each partner (ESA, EC, EUMETSAT, national space agencies)
- ESA’s scientific “roadmaps” serve as elements in underpinning such a strategy
- the EC should fund an operational GMES programme
- the ISS should be recognised and funded as a Large Research Infrastructure through the EC’s Framework Programme

Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  The European Science Foundation welcomes the initiative of the European Commission to develop and set in place a coherent European Space Policy. This endeavour will have to
include as a central element a future space science policy, covering basic and applied science research on space, in space and from space, to be pursued at the national and European levels.
When debating and setting out a Europ ...

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