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TITLE Towards common ground for European transport policy assessment   transforum_en.pdf (3.78 MB)
Document ID LIB112
Document type EC RTD Programmes projects / results
Issue date 15/04/2005
Document reference Transforum
Original language of the document English
Document produced by EC-Research and Innovation DG organisation visiting card
Document requested by EC-Research and Innovation DG organisation visiting card
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Environment


Short description  New research dealing with interurban and international mobility has created innovative tools to support a more informed and credible decision-making process. But actual use of these tools has been limited. To boost confidence in these instruments, the TRANSFORUM platform will check them for:
· Scientific consistency with the goals of the CTP
· Availability and harmonisation of the basic data
· Appropriateness to users’ and stakeholders’ needs
· Contribution to good governance
· Relevance to the various goals of the EU
TRANSFORUM will play a facilitating role by supporting research projects in the field. It will also organise four Forum Sessions, as well as an on-line e-forum to encourage stakeholder debate.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Current transport indicators reflect local political aims and priorities, as well as different definitions of such terms as congestion, mobility, accessibility, and environmental impact. Stakeholders in the European Common Transport Policy (CTP) will be more inclined to use scientific support to policy when this is based on transparent, precise, quantified, consistent and widely-accepted informati ...

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