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TITLE Environmental and socio-economic effects of aquaculture   ecasa_en.pdf (3.47 MB)
Document ID LIB95
Document type EC RTD Programmes projects / results
Issue date 25/02/2005
Document reference ECASA
Original language of the document English
Document produced by EC-Research and Innovation DG organisation visiting card
Document requested by EC-Research and Innovation DG organisation visiting card
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Fisheries


Short description  The ECASA project will seek to:
· Identify quantitative indicators of aquaculture effects on ecosystems
· Develop a range of methods and protocols that encapsulate current understanding of ecosystem processes
· Test the models and indicators across Europe, encompassing species, technologies, environment types, according to criteria developed during the project
· Use these data to test and select the optimum methods, protocols, models and indicators, for effective implementation
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Aquaculture continues to expand across Europe, often bringing benefits where traditional employment is in decline, but also posing threats to the natural environment. There is also potential for conflicts between the aquaculture sector and other coastal users. Although research has been conducted on these topics, relatively little of the information available has been drawn together to provide bes ...

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