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TITLE Harmonising bio-waste and soil sampling and analysis   horizontal_org_en.pdf (3.99 MB)
Document ID LIB148
Document type EC RTD Programmes projects / results
Issue date 07/03/2005
Document reference HORIZONTAL
Original language of the document English
Document produced by EC-Research and Innovation DG organisation visiting card
Document requested by EC-Research and Innovation DG organisation visiting card
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Environment


Short description  HORIZONTAL-ORG will develop harmonised standards of sampling and analysis for the following most frequently occurring organic compounds occurring in waste sludge, soil and treated bio-waste:
· AOX (adsorbable organically bound halogens)
· PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
· PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls)
· DEHP and DBP (endocrine disruptors and phthalates)
· LAS, NP and NPE (all detergent surfactants but NP is also an endocrine disruptor)
· Dioxins and furans
· BFR (brominated flame retardents)
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Various sludges, soils and other bio-waste materials are contaminated with a wide-range of micro-pollutants, many of which are injurious to human health. If safeguards specified in the Sewage Sludge Directive (86/278/EEC) and the Bio-waste and the Soil Protection Communication are to be effective, it is essential that sampling and analysis procedures are harmonised across the European Union.
· The ...

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