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TITLE Opinion on umbilical cord blood banking   opinion_uc_eng.pdf (118 KB)
Title in the original language Γνώμη για τις συλλογές ομφαλοπλακουντιακού αίματος  opinion_uc_gr.pdf (131.1 KB)
Document ID LIB622
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 02/02/2007
Original language of the document Greek
Full text available in EN (118 KB) and EL (131.1 KB)
Document produced by Hellenic National Bioethics Commission organisation visiting card
Document requested by Hellenic National Bioethics Commission organisation visiting card
Document uploaded by Marianna DRACOPOULOU
Hellenic National Bioethics Commission
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Fundamental rights and ethics
  • Health


Short description  The Commission considers the issue of umbilical cord blood preservation from the point of view of wider availability and public benefit of the material preserved. In particular the benefits of autologous versus heterologous haemopoietic stem cell transplantation are discussed. In addition, the Commission sets certain quality standards that should be met by all relevant facilities, be it public or private, for collection and storage of the umbilical cord blood material.
[Umbilical cord blood], [haemopoietic stem cells], [transplantation]

Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  The Commission believes that the major issue with regard to the umbilical cord blood banking is how to ensure the widest possible utilisation of the haemopoietic stem cells. As things stand today, this purpose is better served by heterologous transplantation that is ensured by networks of collections (for-or non-profit) and not by autologous transplantation. Since the potential use of this materia ...

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Abstract in the original language (focusing on the key recommendations)  Η Επιτροπή πιστεύει ότι το σημαντικότερο ζήτημα είναι να εξασφαλιστεί η μεγαλύτερη δυνατή πιθανότητα αξιοποίησης των προγονικών αιμoποιητικών κυττάρων. Ως έχει η κατάσταση επί του παρόντος, ευρύτερη αξιοποίηση επιτυγχάνεται στην περίπτωση της ετερόλογης μεταμόσχευσης, την οποία εξασφαλίζουν τα δίκτυα συλλογών (κερδοσκοπικού ή μη χαρακτήρα) και όχι σε εκείνη της αυτόλογης μεταμόσχευσης. Καθώς η πιθ ...

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