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TITLE Anonymous relinquishment of infants: tackling the problem   DER_Stn_AnonKind_Engl_online.pdf (402.2 KB)
Title in the original language Das Problem der anonymen Kindesabgabe  DER-Stn_Anonyme_Kindesabgabe.pdf (392.4 KB)
Document ID LIB651
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 26/11/2009
Document reference ISBN 978-3-941957-06-0
Original language of the document German
Full text available in EN (402.2 KB) and DE (392.4 KB)
Document produced by German Ethics Council organisation visiting card
Document uploaded by N/A
German Ethics Council
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Fundamental rights and ethics
  • Justice
  • Social affairs


Short description  On 26 November 2009 the German Ethics Council has issued its first Opinion, entitled Anonymous relinquishment of infants: tackling the problem.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Since 1999, denominational and other independent-sector institutions and hospitals in Germany have provided baby drop facilities where infants can be relinquished anonymously. Furthermore, expectant mothers can give birth anonymously with medical assistance and then leave their child anonymously. The object of the baby drops is to prevent the killing or abandonment of newborn babies. In addition, ...

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