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TITLE [Not translated]   contouren.pdf (843.6 KB)
Title in the original language Contouren van het basispakket  contouren.pdf (843.6 KB)
Document ID LIB437
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 25/06/1905
Document reference 2003/02
Original language of the document Dutch
Document produced by Health Council of the Netherlands
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Health


Short description  [Not translated]
Short description in the original language  Contouren van het basispakket
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Executive summary

As part of the planned reform of the health insurance system, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport has requested the Health Council to “formulate an opinion with regard to the workable, scientifically based criteria for identifying which health care services should be included in a basic package”. The Committee on Contours of the Basic Health Benefit Package gives an accoun ...

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Abstract in the original language (focusing on the key recommendations)  Contouren van het basispakket

In het kader van de voorgenomen hervorming van het ziektekostenverzekeringsstelsel heeft de minister van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport aan de Gezondheidsraad gevraagd ‘een visie te formuleren ten aanzien van de, op wetenschappelijke inzichten gebaseerde, operationaliseerbare criteria voor de in een basispakket op te nemen zorgvoorzieningen’.

In dit advies doet d ...

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