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TITLE Consolidated European Photonics Initiative: “Photonics for the 21st century”   photonics final version fine.pdf.pdf (15.75 MB)
Document ID LIB18
Document type Scientific position paper
Issue date 04/04/2005
Document reference “Photonics for the 21st century”
Original language of the document English
Author(s) Jörg NIEHOFF
Document uploaded by Jörg NIEHOFF
The Association of Engineers
Scientific domains
Policy domains


Short description  The VDI in cooperation with EPIC and a high-level group of representatives of research and industry in Photonics as well as user industries and other stakeholders have launched a European initiative to promote Photonics in the European Research Area. A major result of VDI’s initiative is the document “Photonics for the 21st century” which provides the rationale and the justification for the important political process that is needed to implement a coordinated action plan among all stakeholders.

The document has been endorsed by more than 60 personalities, covering 16 European countries and furthermore seven European associations. The initiative has been launched in November 2004 on a Workshop on Optics and Photonics Technologies. The results of this workshop, organised by VDI and supported by the European Commission, are avaiable on the VDI Websites: Workshop documentation (

Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Photonics is one of the most important key technologies for markets in the 21st century. It influences all aspects of our lives and is essential to Europe's industrial competitiveness. The photonics industry plays a vital role in securing leadership in areas such as information and communication, lighting, manufacturing, security or life science and health. Photonic technologies have already revol ...

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