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TITLE Functional foods - From science to health and claims   Functional Foods 2008.pdf (265.9 KB)
Document ID LIB593
Document type Scientific experts report/advice
Issue date 11/04/2008
Document reference 9789078637110
Original language of the document English
Full text available in EN (265.9 KB)
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Document uploaded by Fabienne Malherbe
ILSI Europe a.i.s.b.l.
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Consumer protection
  • Food safety


Short description  This concise monograph provides an outline about the science and role of functional foods. First of all it describes what is meant by the term functional food, then looks at how functional foods are assessed and how they can play a role in a healthy diet. Additionally it summarises the technological aspects as well as the communication to consumers. Finally the monograph looks at the future perspective of foods beyond basic nutrition and the role of “omics” in exploring the benefits.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  “Let your food be your medicine” said Hippocrates. It is time now to revisit the concept of foods, beyond basic nutritional needs. Today, food has indeed become central for the cultural pleasure of feeding a family and greeting friends in a social setting.

Are foods also medicine? Products intended to cure diseases are medicinal products and not foods. But on the other hand, a healthy diet cons ...

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