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TITLE Food allergy   200707.pdf (1.13 MB)
Document ID LIB513
Document type Scientific advisory body opinion/advice
Issue date 18/04/2007
Document reference 978-90-5549-645-7
Original language of the document Dutch
Full text available in EN (1.13 MB)
Document produced by Health Council of the Netherlands organisation visiting card
Document uploaded by Mitra Javanmardi
Health Council of the Netherlands
Scientific domains
Policy domains
  • Health


Short description  An advisory report on IgE mediated food allergy, describing the current level of scientific knowledge concerning the prevalence and causes of food allergy, and the effectiveness of methods for its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Several recommendations to the Dutch government are formulated, aiming especially at improving the diagnosis of food allergies and the provision of information to patients. Specific actions are recommended in order to reduce the use of ?may contain? labels on products with minimal risks.
Abstract (focusing on the key recommendations)  Objectives
Food allergies are the subject of keen public interest. It is widely felt that they constitute a growing public health problem. Various explanations have been offered for this phenomenon and these have, in turn, spawned ideas for possible means of prevention. In addition, researchers are seeking ways to improve diagnosis and minimise health deterioration.
It is precisely because vario ...

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